Apps that have real estate functionality

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As a free member benefit from NAR, the REALTORS Property Resource or RPR is an incredible member-only tool that every NAR member should leverage and utilize on any device at or the RPR mobile app. RPR is the most comprehensive database of US property inventory, with more data points on each US property than any other option on the market. RPR allows you to create incredibly detailed CMAs, property reports, neighborhood reports, investor and/or investment analysis reports, commercial reports, rental reports, and more, all of which can be customized and personalized/branded. By allowing the real estate agent to make

Magic Plan App

Magic Plan ($9.99/mo on both iOS and Android) – What if I told you, you could measure a room standing in one place and without moving any of the furniture. And not only one room, but all of the rooms and create a floor plan of the entire property including a 2D, 3D, and immersive tour while you are at it, plus create a branded floorplan brochure. Well be prepared to be amazed by Magic Plan in our video overview or go to for more details.


HomeDiary is a great resource for any property owner to have as it allows a property owner to upload or create a floorplan of their property and then upload or add any improvements they do to the property such as receipts, manuals, warranties, paint colors, flooring information, etc. into an online digital diary of the property.  Every time that property owner goes back to their HomeDiary account they will see you, their real estate agent’s contact information.  And the best part is it’s all free for both the property owner and the real estate agent.  Therefore, it is a free

Floorplan Online Web App

FloorPlan Online is a great website or online Software that allows you to create interactive virtual tours, detailed floorplans, and more. Check out this video to learn more about FloorPlanOnline and how you can use it to help you sell properties and work with your clients’.  For more information, visit Watch the webinar we did with the FloorPlanOnline team!