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Simplisafe sent me a starter kit in order to test out their DIY home security system and write a review, it also happens to be the security system that my mom has been using in her home for the past year or so. The system connects wirelessly via your home WiFi network and has a battery and cellular backup. Setup is very simple, in fact, it was the easiest of all of the DIY systems I’ve tested thus far. Included in the box was the hub, a couple of window/door sensors, a motion detector, sign, keypad, and double-sided adhesive to stick

Life360 Security Web App

Life360 is another great app that allows you to set up a small group of people who are then able to see and track each other via their GPS location thru the app. This can be used both in business and in your private life, in fact, Life 360 is a great tool that is used by many parents to track their children’s whereabouts and activities.  In this video, we will show Life360 and how you can use it.  For more information go to

Forewarn Safety App

Many apps claim to be able to help you if you ever find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, but the problem is typically you are most likely not going to be able to use them in a real-life situation.  Well, Forewarn is different as it allows you to look up any person in the United States based on their phone number (or you can use the search form to locate them by name, age range, location, etc.) and within seconds verify if that person has any criminal history (tickets, crimes, (561) 757-4551etc.), bankruptcy or lien filings, what major assets