Real estate has become one of the most targeted industries in the cybercrime world with the explosion of Wire Transfer Fraud, Listing Scams, Phishing, Smishing, Ransomware, & more which has made it pretty dangerous to operate without the protection of cyber liability insurance.  And that is where former NAR partner CyberPolicy comes into play as they offer affordable plans that have been specialized for the real estate sector.

Check out this webinar on Cyber Insurance which includes an overview of CyberPolicy

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  • Pros : - Affordable packages built for the real estate industry - Customizable packages to fit your businesses needs Includes: - First & third party coverage - Financial loss - Legal costs - A team of experts (legal, cybersecurity, forensic, & public relations) you can call on before, during, or after an incident - & more
  • Cons : - Can be costly depending on the amount of coverage you may need - No longer a NAR member benefit partner, so prior discounts do not apply