Remine Mobile

Remine Mobile is a mobile app provider that aims to provide real estate professionals with essential tools for mobile search, data analysis, and communication. Here’s a review of the features and functionality of Remine Mobile.

Complete listing information: Remine Mobile provides complete listing information, including property details, pricing, photos, and descriptions. Users can access all MLS data, including off-market listings and historical data.

Collaborative search with clients: Remine Mobile allows agents to collaborate with clients by sharing property information, tracking search history, and saving searches. Users can create personalized client accounts that sync with the agent’s desktop platform.

Synced with MLS and/or website: Remine Mobile is synced with MLS, allowing agents to view complete and up-to-date property information. The app is also integrated with Remine’s desktop platform, which allows users to manage and sync data between and devices.

Messaging between consumers/agent: Remine Mobile has a messaging feature that allows agents to communicate with clients, share properties, and schedule showings. Users can also track messages and conversations within the app.

Search based on GPS location: Remine Mobile offers a search based on GPS location. Users can browse properties near their current location and filter listings based on distance, price, and other criteria.

Mirrored search experience with the website: The search experience on Remine Mobile is similar to the desktop version of Remine. Users can search for properties, save searches, and view property details with ease.

Ease of use: Remine Mobile is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. The app is designed to be simple and efficient, making it a useful tool for agents on the go.

Additional data & tools: Remine Mobile offers several additional data and tools, including property heat maps, predictive analytics, and tax data. Users can also access property history and ownership information.

Look up agents: Remine Mobile has a “Find an Agent” feature that allows users to search for local agents by name, brokerage, or location.

Social sharing: Remine Mobile does not have social sharing capabilities, which may be a drawback for agents looking to promote listings on social media.

Public reviews: Public reviews of Remine Mobile are generally positive, with users praising the app’s ease of use and comprehensive property information. Some users have reported occasional technical issues, such as slow loading times and bugs, but these appear to be relatively rare. Overall, Remine Mobile is a useful mobile app for agents looking to access MLS data and manage client communication on the go.

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