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RETI Top Lists

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Cloud, Mobile & Paperless

Go Paperless & Run Your Real Estate Business in the Cloud with tools from Google, Evernote & More!

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CRM & Task Management

To best service today’s consumer & stay on top of things, today’s REALTOR needs to have a good CRM & Task Management Software

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Forms Management

Forms, Documents, Files, etc. can be a challenge, learn how to master them!

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Marketing for Real Estate

Learn How to Generate Leads & Business Online including banner ads, pay per click, real estate portal sites & more!!

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RPR Learning Library

We have the entire RPR Learning Library available exclusively to RETI Members!!

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Software, Apps, & Plugins

Learn about contact management, CRM, forms & contract management, task management, plus all the best apps and plugins/extensions, & more


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So many ways to communicate these days, learn how to best communicate now!

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Data Security & Safety

Technology has many pitfalls that can get you in trouble, cost you a lot of business or even your real estate license!!

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Hardware for Real Estate

Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Cameras, Accessories & More

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Photo, Video & YouTube

Discover the Best Hardware, Software, & Plus Full YouTube Training and Tools to use to do video right!

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Social Media

Generate business in just minutes a day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & More!

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Websites & SEO

Learn how to make a real estate site successful with traffic, leads & better search engine optimization (seo).


[su_posts template=”templates/list-loop.php” posts_per_page=”7″ taxonomy=”post_tag” tax_term=”511″ tax_operator=”0″ order=”desc” orderby=”rand”]Want to know what the top apps, top tools to use, top tech tricks, etc for real estate, check out the RETI Top Lists[/su_posts]

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Blog Articles

[su_posts template=”templates/list-loop.php” posts_per_page=”7″ tax_term=”512″ tax_operator=”0″ order=”desc” orderby=”rand”]RETI Blog articles on real estate technology, marketing, social media and more![/su_posts]

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Cool Tech Tricks

[su_posts template=”templates/list-loop.php” posts_per_page=”7″ taxonomy=”post_tag” tax_term=”528″ tax_operator=”0″ order=”desc” orderby=”rand”]RETI Technology Tips, Tricks, Time Saving Shortcuts and More[/su_posts]

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Cool Tech Tools/Prodcuts

[su_posts template=”templates/list-loop.php” posts_per_page=”7″ taxonomy=”post_tag” tax_term=”530″ tax_operator=”0″ order=”desc” orderby=”rand”]RETI Team reviews real estate apps, software, hardware, accessories, and more in the RETI Product Guide [/su_posts]

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Learn By Company

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Apple & IOS

Apple has amazing devices, software, apps & tools for real estate, learn how now!


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Evernote for Real Estate!

Evernote is an amazing cloud based tool, but it is so big and powerful it can also be one of the most confusing. Learn how to best use it for real estate!!


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Google World

Run Your Entire Real Estate Businss on Google with Docs, Drive, Apps for Business, YouTube & More!


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Microsoft has some great tools for real estate, learn how to leverage them now!


RETI Special Sections

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RETI App & Product Guide

The RETI Team Reviews the Best Hardware, Software, Apps & Tools to use to Run Your Real Estate Business


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If you prefer written content, the RETI Team consistently puts out great articles on things affecting the real estate world


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RETI Top Lists

The RETI Team Ranks the Best of the Best in the Industry!!


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RETI Weekly Webinars

RETI hosts the Real Estate Industry’s Best Webinars every Wednesday at 3 PM EST. Catch them live or members can watch them on replay!


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