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MailChimp is a great email marketing system that even allows you to use it for free for a typical REALTOR as it allows you to have a database of up to 2,000 contacts and send them up to 12,000 emails a month for FREE! It boasts a library of beautiful designs, great tracking capability, and many extra tools including the ability to create complex campaigns or automations, to post to social media, create landing pages, and more. Check out this video or to learn more go to


These days it is very hard to reach people in their email inbox or even SMS text messages because of the number of communications we all receive each day.  But BombBomb is an innovative product that addresses this issue by allowing you to quickly and easily create a video from any device and then embed it into your messages as an animation (which BombBomb automatically creates from the video file) with a visual ribbon that shows the recipient how long the message is (ex. Check out this 37-second video I’ve created for you).  This allows you to send quick messages