Homesnap is a mobile app provider that offers a comprehensive real estate search experience for homebuyers and agents. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it has a variety of features that make it a popular choice among real estate professionals.

One of the main advantages of Homesnap is its complete listing information. The app has access to over 100 million property records, which means that users can find detailed information about any property they are interested in. This includes data on property history, property taxes, school districts, and more.

Another key feature of Homesnap is its collaborative search functionality. The app allows agents to share listings and search results with their clients, making it easier for them to collaborate on finding the perfect property. The app also includes a messaging feature that enables consumers and agents to communicate directly within the app.

Homesnap is synced with the MLS and websites, providing users with access to the most up-to-date and accurate listing information. This is particularly useful for agents, who can use the app to access real-time data about properties, including price changes and new listings.

The app also includes a GPS search feature that enables users to search for properties based on their current location. This is especially helpful for homebuyers who are looking for properties in specific neighborhoods or areas.

Homesnap’s search experience is mirrored with its website, providing users with a consistent experience across platforms. The app is also user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.

In addition to its core features, Homesnap also includes additional data and tools that make it a valuable tool for real estate professionals. For example, the app provides users with a detailed market overview, including information on recent sales and local market trends. The app also allows users to look up agents and find information about their experience and qualifications.

Homesnap includes social sharing capabilities, allowing users to share listings and search results with their friends and followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of publicly available reviews, Homesnap has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play. Users praise the app for its ease of use, comprehensive data, and collaborative features. Some users have noted that the app can be slow to load at times, but this seems to be a relatively minor issue overall.

Overall, Homesnap is a powerful and user-friendly mobile app that offers a wide range of features and tools for real estate professionals and homebuyers alike. Its complete listing information, collaborative search functionality, and social sharing capabilities make it a popular choice among users, and its sync with MLS and website provide access to accurate and up-to-date data.

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