GreenStats is a software tool designed for brokers and team leads to track the metrics and activities of their deals, agents, and closings. It features a StatBoard that provides a quick, upfront overview of the critical performance metrics that fuel the business, such as pending closings, new leads, volume pending, units closed, GCI pending, average price, closed GCI net, and more. The StatBoard has a card-by-card breakdown that delivers a clear graphical indicator of where the business stands, which can be filtered by team or agent. The card displays a few upfront details, and clicking into each provides source data and a more intricate look into what’s behind the numbers.

GreenStats is still new and in need of a user interface upgrade and more time to define its category. However, it is a useful tool for small- to mid-size brokerages and teams that need to streamline their business operations. It is versatile and provides multiple ways to view data, “light” back-office accounting, and versatile reporting tools. GreenStats’ mobile app has 100% parity with its browser-based sibling, making it easy for brokers and team leads to manage their businesses on the go.

One of GreenStats’ best features is its Pipeline view, which provides a more robust, clinical look into the pending activities and pushes the StatBoard’s metrics. It’s a nice touch for the less visually inclined and offers an intelligent way to sort production numbers. The Profit & Loss features do a good job of simplifying high-level accounting tasks and add some smarts with a number of major bank APIs that connect live account data with the software for fast, clean breakdowns of the hard numbers. Final reports can be output easily to PDF.

GreenStats could benefit from an MLS integration for listing data input, as its current Google API will require additional vetting from the user, as street names, for example, are similar across the country. A local IDX feed makes more sense here, and limiting data to the active market information that has already been entered at the onset of the relationship would be more efficient.

In conclusion, GreenStats is a tool that helps small- to mid-size brokerages and teams keep track of their business metrics and activities. While it still needs some time to define its category and upgrade its user interface, it has the potential to be a useful tool for brokers and team leads who need to streamline their business operations.

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