Home Keepr

Home Keepr, formerly Relocator.net, is a moving concierge service that helps agents assist clients in settling into their new homes. It aids users in tracking their pending move dates, finding vendor discounts, storage facilities, and everything else necessary to make a house a home. Home Keepr primarily worked alongside mortgage companies for its first five years but only recently entered the real estate space. It is sold by agents as a value-added service at little cost, and marketing collateral and branding onboarding emails are provided to them.

Home Keepr’s onboarding process stands out because it uses a daily countdown and a checklist in a pie-graph form to track what needs to be done and what has been done, making it a nice, visual way to communicate what is often an overwhelming and emotional event for most people. Each client also has a designated staff concierge to assist them with the software or with any hook-up questions they may have as they approach the move day.

Home Keepr, ‘s “Explore Your Community” module provides users with a comprehensive look at what life might be like in their new city, including information on area schools, hospitals, nearby parks, and other essential community amenities. The module offers a clear, scrollable list of vendors according to location, with each vendor providing details on levels of service and costs.

Home Keepr offers discounts, but it doesn’t offer much else in terms of making it a better alternative for agents to offer moving services. Competitors offer direct API connections to home service vendors’ account software, ensuring a more seamless experience for clients. They engage the client through transaction management linkages, ensuring that even before closing, a person is thinking about moving. They also have dynamic mortgage rate trackers and HELOC incentive calls-to-action, energy usage graphs, and regional environmental data, among other advanced digital pathways to flatten the moving process.

Home Keepr, is a more basic online clearinghouse for buyers and sellers to find vendors, save money, and organize what comes next in their home purchase journey. The software doesn’t seem to understand how technically competent the modern real estate agent has become and how vertically integrated its competitors have made their software. Therefore, there’s work to be done in terms of creating a more agent-focused marketing additive. However, given its short tenure in the real estate space, there’s potential for growth.

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